This guide compares the best dictation software with features and prices. Choose the best voice-to-text software according to your requirements:

Dictation software lets you speak instead of typing. The application has a text-to-speech function and converts spoken words into text. Technology has come a long way, allowing dictation of documents with up to 95 percent accuracy.

Dictation Software Review

When it comes to choosing a dictation program, you have many options. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the 12 best dictation tools. The guide contains information about the best features of dictation software – free and paid versions, as well as the price and positive points of each application.

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Fact Check: The global text-to-speech software market size was estimated at $1.32 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.8 percent between 2020 and 2027.
The figure below shows the size of the North American dictation software market – AI and Non-AI:
North American Dictation Market Size

Pro-Type: Find out if the dictation app will work with your email and document software. Also, if you want an app to read scanned messages and emails, you should choose an app with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Text To Speech (TTS) features.
Frequently asked questions about speech-to-text software

Q # 1) What is a dictation app?

Answer: A dictation application is used to transcribe documents using speech. Transcription software has a voice-to-text feature. You can use a transcription program instead of printing the document.

Q # 2) What are the features of dictation software?

Answer: Dictation software has several features such as Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Speech Synthesis. Some apps have advanced features such as speaker authentication and optical character recognition (OCR).

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Question #3) What is AI-powered dictation software?

Answer: AI-powered dictation software uses artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to perform advanced speech analysis. AI-powered dictation software can identify and remove background noise while dictating.

Q # 4) How does the dictation app work?

Answer: It works by analyzing each sound using an algorithm. It determines the most likely character that fits the spoken sounds and transcribes the sound into text.

Q # 5) What is the use of a dictation program?

Answer: Speech recognition software doesn’t just convert voice to text. Some dictation programs allow you to dictate and control your Internet browser. Additionally, there is some dictation software that allows you to control electronic devices such as a car’s navigation system.

Question #6) Is it faster to use a dictation program than to type text?

Answer: A speech recognition application can cut the time it takes to write a document in half. On average, users can type up to 30 words per minute. With dictation software, users can easily transcribe 150 words per minute.

The brain

Best for dictation using a human language interface on any website or software.

Braina – graphical interface

Braina is a popular speech recognition software that allows you to dictate more than 90 languages ​​with high accuracy. You can control apps and transcribe text in any app and website with dictation software.


Dictation software
99 percent accuracy
Voice recognition based on AI
Personal virtual assistant
Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices
Verdict: Braina is the best dictation software to date thanks to its accurate voice recognition and AI-powered learning. The price of the lifetime version is also affordable not only for large organizations but also for individuals.

Price: Braina dictation software is available in three versions. The free version has basic features such as English voice commands, text-to-speech, voice and video playback, and web search.

Braina Pro costs $49 per year and comes with additional features such as dictation to any website software in 90 languages, custom voice commands, voice control of the music player, AI-powered voice recognition, custom answer learning, and math functionality. Braina Pro has all the features of Pro, but you can purchase a lifetime license.

Braina – pricing

Website: Braina

Google Docs Voice Typing

Best for free transcription of text in Google Docs on the web.

Google Docs Voice Typing – graphical interface

Google Docs added a dictation feature a few years ago to its free online Google Docs app. Currently, the dictation feature is only available if you use the online application in the Chrome browser. It allows you to transcribe text in Google Docs and save the document to Google Cloud.


Voice dictation
Google Cloud integration
Supports PC and Mac devices
Verdict: Google Docs is a simple voice input feature that’s great for people who want to use voice commands to type. This feature is also available in Google Slides, allowing you to enter text into slides by voice.

Apple Dictation

Best for free text transcription on Apple devices.

Apple dictation

Apple’s Dictation feature lets you dictate messages and documents on Mac devices. You can use this feature with programs where you can type text, including word processors, social networking sites, presentation programs, and others.


Keyboard dictation
Share audio recordings
Multilingual support
Verdict: Apple’s Dictation feature is similar to Windows’ speech recognition. Mac users can use the feature to use voice commands to transcribe text in any app and website.

Price: Free

Website: Apple Dictation

Solution to recognize dragon language

Best for students, legal professionals, medical professionals and other professionals for text transcription and document sharing with high encryption.

Dragon Speech Recognition Solution – Website

Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions is a dictation software owned by Nuance. The software also supports cloud-based document management. It has AI-powered speech recognition that learns the voice with greater accuracy over time.


Speech recognition based on artificial intelligence
Cloud document management
Control computer
99 percent accuracy
256-bit encryption of documents
Verdict: Dragon speech recognition software is great for lawyers and students. The price may be a bit high, but it’s worth it for professionals thanks to its high accuracy and cloud-based document management functionality.

Price: Price varies for professionals and students. Dragon Home is for students who pay a one-time fee of $155. Professional firms are charged an annual subscription starting at $116 per user per year. A free trial version is available for 7 days, which allows you to test the functionality of the software.