Speech recognition software is a bright vision of the future. These are apps that use your voice to understand what you want, turn it into readable content, and find a device for it when you might be too busy or too lazy to type. From Cortana to Alexa to Siri, voice-recognition software has apparently ushered in change forever. Easier to access; it’s more personal and obviously hands-free.

Speech recognition software for Windows
From getting your Uber to read your food order letters, voice recognition apps do it all. Let’s take a look at the best free speech recognition software for Windows 10/8/7.

Windows Speech Recognition

Microsoft’s built-in speech recognition is probably the safest bet, and it’s also one of the most interesting. Not only is the app available in six languages, including Mandarin and Spanish, but it can also multitask as an all-in-one app. It is also very easy to browse social media with this recognition app. It can correctly correct errors and typos, so it is perhaps the perfect addition to voice editing. You can even put it to sleep or offline mode, after which the app simply won’t listen (and react) to anything around it. Please check further details about the embedded application here.


Cortana is a popular voice app called a true blue digital assistant, and Microsoft certainly sees it as a big investment and keeps updating it. It’s a huge hit with millennials because it’s so easy to do, organize lists, meetings, reminders, and it’s a recognition app. Most young working people use Cortana to organize their routes, send emails, and more. One might ask why Cortana is hotter than the others considering she probably does the same job. Cortana’s layout and interface are impeccably designed and very user-friendly. You can be a total voice app newbie and still find your way through Cortana. The program obviously makes the job much easier. Although Cortana is already part of your operating system, if you want to know more about it, you can check it out here.


Braina’s user interface was unanimously voted the best. It’s very personal, but incredibly empathetic. Briana is also a multi-launcher and can run multiple apps at the same time. One of the best features of this app is that you can manage your Windows 10 system with this app through your phone. It has a separate desktop remote version for desktop use. Follow the link here to learn more about Braina. Only the English version is available for free and is sufficient for our needs.


VoxCommando provides the best voice app for social media and entertainment purposes. Its organizational layout is not without errors, and there is a certain language problem – since it supports more than 18 languages, it obviously needs a lot of provisions. But you can use this app to manage your media and even your system and you don’t need to go for the pro package to add settings to this app. This app is also widely used by IT staff. Please see more information about the app here. The free version of VoxCommando is just as good as the paid version, although it is limited to 40 commands. After that, the program can be restarted.

Discuss Typer

It is basically a language for adding text conversions. It may not be the perfect app for the workplace, but it’s certainly the most accessible, thanks to its responsiveness. Experts suggested that Talk Typer is best used for immediate purposes rather than for recreational and professional purposes. But it is very effective when you are posting or replying on social media. For example, it allows you to edit, copy or play a tweet, or even convert it to another language. To learn more about this amazing app, check out its site here.

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