Best for lawyers, healthcare, law enforcement, education and other professionals to dictate text on Android and iPhone devices.

Winscribe – Website

Winscribe is a dictation software company based in New Zealand. This dictation software by Nuance allows you to transcribe and review documents on your smartphone. It also provides documentation workflow management for organizing dictated text. It is available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.


Supports Android, iPhone, PC and Blackberry devices
Document management
Data encryption
Verdict: Winscribe is a speech recognition and document management program for professionals. Using software allows staff to be more productive. The price is affordable for medium and large corporations.

Price: Winscribe transcription service costs start at approximately $284 per user per year (or $24 per user per month) for one to nine users. There are discounts for larger workforces. A free trial version is also available to test the software’s features.

Website: Winscribe


The best dictation online for free.

Screennotes is an online dictation software that allows you to type using your voice. You can also insert long texts with just one click. It supports multiple languages ​​including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Bahasa and many more. You can also order a professional transcription service for $0.1 per minute.


Fast speech recognition
Works on any website
Shortcut for start and pause
Special text stamps
Export to Google Drive
Verdict: Screennotes is a simple and easy-to-use online dictation tool. It’s great for dictating on websites, including Outlook and Gmail.

Price: Basic version is free. Premium without any additional chrome extension costs $9.99, which comes with the additional feature of dictating on any website.

Website: Broadcasting

electronic conversation

Best for using voice commands to control windows without using a keyboard or mouse.

Electronic Speech is a dictation tool that allows you to control the Windows operating system. With the help of a voice program, you can replace the keyboard and mouse. It allows you to open applications, view windows and create documents using voice commands.


100+ built-in commands
26 variations of the voice command under dictation
Integration with Office
Based on the Microsoft SAPI language engine
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8
Verdict: E-talk offers great value for money. It is an excellent program for Windows devices to dictate letters and emails and manage the operating system.

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Price: The full version costs $14. You can try the software for free for 30 days.


Best for Android phone users can dictate speech, swipe and handwriting.

Gboard-graphical interface

Gboard is an easy-to-use keyboard app for Android users. The Android app lets you do a lot of things like dictation, swipe-style input, and emoji search while chatting.


Voice typing
Search for emoticons and GIFs
Multilingual support
Gesture cursor control
Verdict: Gboard is a simple and easy-to-use dictation app for Android phone users. A smartphone dictation app is an alternative to keyboard input. However, the downside of dictation software is that customization and dictation features are limited.

Price: Free

Website: Gboard

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Windows 10 language recognition

Best for Windows users to manage the operating system and create documents.

Windows 10 language recognition – graphical interface

Microsoft first included speech recognition in Windows Vista. All subsequent releases also include speech recognition. Windows 10’s speech recognition feature is much better than the previous iteration with advanced speech recognition. You can teach a speech recognition program to recognize your voice.


Launch applications
Dictate text
Moving in windows
Use instead of a mouse or keyboard
Verdict: Windows 10 Speech Recognition is a simple and easy-to-use feature. You can configure speech recognition to control the operating system and create documents using voice commands.

Price: Free

Website: Windows 10 Language Recognition


Best for voice transcription for researchers and students.

Otter – graphical interface

Otter is responsive dictation software with high accuracy. The software boasts an artificial intelligence technology called Ambient Voice Intelligence (AVI) that allows it to learn as you speak. It also supports team collaboration features such as zoom sync, voiceprint sharing, and user management.


Transcription in real time
Share your voice
Record the conversation
Intelligent voice intelligence
Verdict: Otter is a great dictation software for both students and teachers. The only drawback of the program is the limitation of transcription. You cannot rewrite many documents with software.

Price: Otter is available in three packages. The free version of Essential Otter includes basic features such as recording and playback, real-time transcription, user identification, summary keywords, sharing audio and text notes, and synchronization with Zoom Cloud. It supports a maximum transcription of 600 minutes at 40 minutes per month.

The premium version costs $8.33 per user per month, which allows you to decrypt a maximum of 6,000 minutes in 4 hours per month. It supports premium features such as importing audio, documents (PDF, DOCX, SRT), custom dictionary, skip silence, sync with Dropbox, and bulk import and export.

The Teams version costs $20 per user per month, which has additional team collaboration features such as live notes for Zoom, a team dictionary with 800 names and 800 additional terms, shared speaker voiceprints, timecodes, and usage statistics. Educational institutions are offered a 50 percent discount off the regular price.

You can also request your own Enterprise plan. Here are the details of the different packages.


Best for Gamers to manage games and users to manage operating system.


Tazti is one of the best dictation software that comes with many features. Language commands are built into the software. You can also add up to 300 commands to control the operating system and games.


Control games with your voice
Browse websites and files
More than 25 built-in language commands
Add up to 300 language commands
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Verdict: Tazti has a straightforward and simple user interface. It offers great value for money with great features at a comparatively lower price than the top competitors.

Price: 80 dollars.

Website: Tazti

Voice finger

It is best for people with disabilities to operate the voice operating system.

Voice finger – graphical interface

Voice Finger includes many features that are found in more expensive voice recognition solutions. The application allows you to control the operating system without contacts. You can use voice commands to control your mouse, keyboard and even games.


Mouse and keyboard control
Supports Windows language recognition commands
Zero contact with the computer
Press keys and buttons in games
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
Verdict: While the speech recognition accuracy may not be as accurate as the dictation software version, it’s an affordable solution that will meet the needs of most users.

Price: The full version is available for $9.99. You can also download a limited version of the software for free to test its functionality.

Website: Voice of the Finger

We’ve looked at different types of voice-to-text dictation programs that are suitable for different users. The best app for general users is Brain Dictation Tool which is not only affordable but also offers various advanced dictation features.

Otter is the best app for students and teachers. Gamers can use Voice Finger and Tazti to issue commands in games. Medium and large corporations should use Winscribe and Dragon speech recognition solutions.